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Helping Godly women build their identity in Christ so that they can fight the lies, and find security in their Godly self-worth.

Get ready to transform your heart and have a better relationship with yourself, your dreams, your loved ones, and most of all our Heavenly Father. 

I imagine you find yourself here because...

You have tried countless years of different therapies, self-help books, and approaches.
Exhausted yourself from all the well meaning advice of loved ones to find your identity self-esteem, and confidence in Christ.
Spent years  reading God's word, and pleading with God to renew your mind and take away the pain of never measuring up.

If you feel like...

You will never feel worthy.

You're not enough.

You aren't capable of getting control of your mind.

And want to feel..

  • Confident in who God says you are.. so you can go after your God given calling

  • Believe you are enough just as you are.. so you can stop settling for okay.

  • Equipped to overcome your inner voice with truth and compassion so you can laugh and feel freedom daily

I would love to partner with you towards freedom and security in your Godly self-worth. It would be an honor to see you become the woman of God you know you're meant to be. 

Hi, I'm Savannah and I'm a certified Life Coach, cat mom, follower of Jesus and lover of all things chocolate.

I too have been stuck in a cycle of not knowing my worth in Christ, feeling shame over my sensitivity and feeling altogether trapped in that reality. Through a lengthy process of trial and error, I learned that when you have high sensitivity the normal run of the mill advice can often times be more damaging than it is healing.  


Since learning neuroscience backed tools and other ways to bring God's love into my heart and mind I love working with my clients so that they can see how it's possible to go from a place of shame, confusion and doubt into a beautiful place of loving compassion, and truly boundless self worth. 


But how do I get Godly self-worth?

Step One:
Identify the lies

Step Two: Build a foundation

Step Three:
Rewire your mind

Bible King James

How do I get started?

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