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Enjoying the Nature

If you're anything like me, then you could also be.. 

Queen of faking it until you make it.

Consuming every new self-help book you can

Ready to throw in the towel because nothing is working. 

That was my story..

That was who I was. Hi again! My name is Savannah, and I'm a certified Confidence and self-worth coach. At my breaking point, I had given up hope of finding a way to fully allow myself to know who I am in Christ. I had spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours(so many hours) searching for that answer, and after a while? I didn't even know what "who I am in Christ" meant anymore. All the well meaning advice I had received was full of truth and knowledge but instead of releasing me of shame, it added to it. Because I just "couldn't do it" like everyone else.

After years of running myself ragged I definitely knew who Christ was, and I also knew who he said that I was in scripture.. but I didn't know how to weave that truth into my story. How was I suppose to become rooted in that knowledge? It felt utterly hopeless. But! There was fantastic news for me. I didn't know how but Jesus knew exactly how and he kindly took me on a journey...

..a VERY LONG journey! cue me rolling my eyes and deeply sighing. 

sigh robert downey_edited.jpg

My Self-Worth Journey

As far back as I can remember my identity has been made up of things like 'sensitive' 'moody' 'quiet' 'shy' and "I am not good enough." "I will never be good enough" Now the reason those stories formed? Was watching and hearing my family be verbally tore down by my father. Sadly, what that wrote upon my heart as young girl was that I wasn't worthy of protection, love, and delight. Which are all things my friend, that God says I am worthy of because of Christ's death on the cross. Unfortunately, it didn't matter how many friends I talked to or how many changes I made through years of therapy. I was still, so stuck and so over small changes. I was ready for BIG change, even if it was hard. I knew I desired to be over the days where I constantly felt seconds away from being overly critical and just plain mean to myself.

I knew without a doubt that I wanted a life of freedom, in fact, I craved it more than anything else. I dreamed of becoming a person who could withstand criticism without tears (or maybe just less). Failure without the feeling of absolute defeat internally (I mean is that too much to ask?) But how could I do it without losing the parts that made me sensitive, the parts that made me soft? I didn't always hate my sensitivity. There were still moments that I could truly see for the gift that it is. And I 100% knew cutting off parts of my heart or simply "just doing it" with harsh discipline just felt.. icky to me.

So how the heck was I going to do it?


​Through my work as a Neurofeedback Tech I was able to learn and truly understand the different functions of the brain. But I didn't stop there with my new found knowledge! I then started applying what I had learned. Now I'll warn you my story didn't change, and freedom didn't come overnight, oh no no no, how I wish you could flip a switch and be on that road. But it actually took many months before I could recognize that I was any different. It was subtle in the beginning. My friends noticed first, commenting that I was more settled and different. And then finally, seemingly out of nowhere (after months of work) I felt it, deeply. ​I'm happy to report that I no longer spend the majority of my day battling my mind, or sit alone at night worried that I won't love who I am. Instead, I have freedom. Freedom to breath easier as I take each day at a time. Always remembering that there will still be days I slip into old habits and am tempted to beat myself up, but God's gracious love has given me space to be fortified and strong.

I promise that is possible for you too. And you don't have to do it alone. You can go from..

Being terrified that.. 

You will never feel worthy.

You're not enough.

You'll never be able to silence that mean inner voice!


To being..

Confident in who God says you are.. so you can go after your God given calling


Believing you are enough just as you are.. so you can stop settling for just okay.

Equipped to overcome your inner voice with truth and compassion.. so you can laugh and feel freedom




Lying in Green Field

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