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Boundless Self-Worth 10 session Package

This is my signature package to bring you into a place of confidence and feeling worthy of love. Over a 5 month period we will have 10 coaching calls over zoom where we will partner together to discover why the way God has made you is a good thing, and how you too you can be free from shame. Throughout the time we will also utilize visualization exercises and meditations to support your journey in and out of session.

Discover Confidence

Feeling like you'd rather just work on your confidence? Tired of not feeling confident and wondering what is getting in the way of your progress? Then schedule your 45 minute call Discover Confidence. In this 45 minute call I can show you where you’re stuck in your confidence journey, and why nothing is working. 

How does the Boundless Self-Worth Package work?

Step One:

Identify the Lies

First we’ll explore all the areas of self-doubt, and shame of the lies we so deeply feel as women. This step is crucial in knowing exactly where to start, we need a very clear roadmap to know where we need to go next. Once we have this slightly painful (but oh so good) info, we can see what parts of our soul need the most love and attention!

Step Two:

Build a Foundation

Next we dive into scripture, and find what Jesus says about us. But not just in some boring generic and cookie cutter way, but how God intended it. In a deeply personalized way. We’ll walk through and discover who he says you are, with all your unique gifts and your beautiful heart. Once we’ve gathered our tools, and set aside that heavy pressure to do everything on our own...we’re ready to really dive in :)

Step Three:

Rewiring Journey

Now that we have all these amazing things in place, the real work begins! We set up an actual plan. A schedule. Of when, where, and how you will start to change your brain and your experiences. Using visualizations, affirmations, prayer and compassion connecting exercises. 

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